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For decades, our school has been the choice for educating children because of its deep instilled values and nurturing environment that offers the opportunity for each child to grow.  Education does not only happen in the classroom; it is also attained through extra activities that become lifelong treasured memories.

A new school year has begun and there is hope on the horizon that life is slowly returning to some form of normality.  With great excitement, students and staff were welcomed back to Immaculate Heart of Mary School.  All protocols and restrictions continue to be in place to make the best experience possible during this time of the pandemic.  

Your donation will help purchase new chairs, the storage system and any other expenditures that are needed to increase the comfort experience of those participating in events.  For every donation of $100, you will be acknowledged with a permanent donor recognition piece (decal) on each chair.  This acknowledgment can be in the name of your choice.

Thank you for choosing to support Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. You will notice on this page an association with Lubov SSMI Foundation. This foundation has been established to serve as the foundation for the ministries owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. One of these ministries is Immaculate Heart of Mary School.  Please be assured that your gift will be used to support Immaculate Heart of Mary School. 


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